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Our Fees

Sponsorship of your education and career pathway may be available through Goodwill Industries, SC Works, Eckerd Connect Youth Program, and SNAP2WORK.  Please contact GLA to enroll in these programs. Student fees listed covers a portion of the total cost of each program session.
Workplace Training
GLA offers training in the workplace, which comes with a different fee structure. For more information on our workplace training options, please contact our office at 864-467-3456.
Fee What is Included
$20 Annual Registration Fee (non-refundable)
Adult Basic Education (ABE Only)
  • Student orientation
  • Registration
  • Placement testing
  • Career assessment
$60 Per Session (4 sessions per year)
Adult Basic Education (ABE)
  • All classes for 1 session
  • 10 weeks of instruction
  • 1 on 1 consultation with a Program Manager
  • College and/or Career counseling
  • Online learning Aztec software for pre-GED and GED programs
  • Post-testing
  • One practice GED test (student may be responsible for cost of retake tests)
  • One GED test (student may be responsible for cost of retake tests)
$100 GED Boot Camp
Adult Basic Education (ABE)
  • All classes, online learning programs, and post-testing
  • Each GED Boot Camp is a 16-week duration (includes 4 subject areas: math, reading, science and social studies)
  • 1 on 1 consultation with a Program Manager
  • College and/or Career counseling
  • Opportunity to prepare for and pass the GED in one semester
  • Official GED calculator
  • GED book
  • One practice GED test (student may be responsible for cost of retake tests)
  • One GED test (student may be responsible for cost of retake tests)
$80 Per Session (4 sessions per year)
English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • 10 to 12 weeks of English Instruction
  • 1 on 1 consultation with a Program Manager
  • College and/or Career counseling (including career assessment)
  • Classes taught by trained tutors
  • Private tutoring services
  • Eligibility to transition to GED program with required English proficiency
  • Morning or evening classes
  • Multicultural classrooms
  • Access to computer lab and online learning programs
  • Connection to partnering agencies

We Want You to Succeed! 

Sponsorship of your education and career pathway and fees is available through one of our partners!

Our Partners:

Goodwill Industries

SC Works: Equus Workforce Solutions

SC Works Youth Program: Eckerd Connects


Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Education

Yes, we do offer evening classes at our Greenville center. Click here for more information about our current sessions.

We offer classes to prepare you to take the GED. However, we are not a GED testing center. When you’re ready to take the official GED test, one of our program managers will schedule your test at another location. The results will be made available to you soon after you complete the test.

Find a list of our current fees on this page just above the FAQ section. At GLA, we don’t want to turn away anyone who can’t pay for our services. If you’re concerned about being able to pay for classes, let your program manager know.

We offer classes in the morning and evenings. Your schedule will vary depending on the classes you enroll in. Click here for more information about our current sessions and pricing.

That, as we like to say, is up to you. We will do our best to guide you on your educational journey, but every student is different, so we avoid prescribing time limits. We do offer our accelerated GED Bootcamp classes for students with qualifying math and reading pre-test scores.

Our services are for adults only, and we don’t allow children into our learning centers for classes.

We accept students ages 17 and up.

If you are 17 or 18 years old, you will need to bring a withdrawal from the last school you attended. Without this documentation, the GED testing center will not allow you to take the GED until you are 19 years old.

Yes, we offer both virtual courses and access to an online learning software.


We are not able to offer college credit. Here are a few local universities and colleges in the area that do provide college credits: Greenville Technical College, USC, Clemson.

Yes. The tutors teach ALL classes in English. Tutors incorporate listening, speaking, reading and writing of English into their lessons.

No. All classes at GLA are for adults only. If you are unable to secure childcare, we may suggest local churches that offer ESL classes and provide childcare as well.

This depends on you! How much English do you listen, speak, read and write in a day? Do you listen to the radio or tv in English or in your native language? Do you practice speaking English at work, at school or in the community?

A session consists of 10-12 weeks: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Students set up an appointment, test, register and pay $80 per session.

Registration takes about 30-45 minutes. You will be asked to fill out forms, fill out a career assessment survey, take a written or oral test and meet with a program manager to set your educational goals and get a schedule.

Yes. Students commit to attending a session with the goal to complete over 60 hours of class in order to post test, make an educational gain and move up to the next level.

We have two learning centers: Greenville and Simpsonville. Click here for contact information.

Please bring your Social Security card or Tax ID number, and $80 (we accept cash, check or credit card). Please plan to be here for 30-45 minutes.

Yes. We have quarterly registrations: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. GLA requires all students to fill out comprehensive registration forms and test in order to enroll for classes.

Students are expected to come to class on time, prepared to learn and participate actively with tutors and students. GLA expects students to be respectful (no cell phones, no food, no drinks), punctual and take an active role in their learning. GLA also expects students to attend all their classes, accrue over sixty hours of instruction, post test and move forward in their English learning.

GLA offers ESL and GED classes. We also offer WIN preparation and testing, as well as citizenship and job readiness classes.

Learning Center Location

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McAlister Square
225 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Suite C-10
Greenville, SC 29607