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MyrnaMyrna came to Greenville from Puerto Rico in April of 2014. She enrolled in ESL classes hoping to improve her English so she could seek employment. Myrna worked diligently both in the computer lab and in the classroom. She spent all summer at GLA looking to improve both her written and spoken English.

In Puerto Rico she acquired her Masters Degree and worked in the education field for many years. As the fall slowly approached, she hoped that her schooling and experience would help her land a job, but after unsuccessfully applying for numerous jobs her Program Manager at GLA suggested she study to obtain a WorkKeys certification. Because this certification is required by some employers, it is a great asset to applicants looking for work. The Greenville County School District is one of these employers who recognize the skills these certificates represent. As Myrna studied for the comprehensive WorkKeys exam, the Program Managers also helped her polish her resume and cover letter. Once she received her WorkKeys certificate, the staff introduced her to East North Street Academy, who at the time was hiring a Parent Involvement Coordinator. 

Because of Myrna's hard work and determination she was successful in securing a full time job with the School District where she empowers, educates and engages parents, caretakers and families. She continues to work in the educational field and serves as a liaison bringing a literacy program sponsored by GLA to the parents of her school on a weekly basis.

Myrna believes that everything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and continue to strive for your dreams. As her favorite quote states, "Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." — Thomas Jefferson.

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RaúlRaúl comes from Venezuela. He and his wife were sponsored into the U.S. by his mother-in-law who is a U.S. citizen and also a graduate of our ESL program. He arrived here in 2013 unable to speak any English. Within a few days he was enrolled in English classes at our Simpsonville Learning Center.

Today with hard work, dedication, and the help of caring volunteers, Raúl is communicating in English well enough to earn him not one but two part-time jobs. One job is at a pizza restaurant and the other at Goodwill Industries. He left the program for a while when he found employment but has recently re-enrolled together with his son-in-law. Now he has a full-time position at Goodwill and his goal is to improve his English sufficiently so that he qualifies for a promotion which requires English fluency. 

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Theresa working in the computer labWhen her husband accepted a job in the Upstate, Theresa and her family relocated from Mexico City to Greer. With both of her sons in school, Theresa decided to spend her time during the day improving her English speaking skills at the Greer Learning Center. She immediately became a regular face at the Center. She rarely missed a class and made fast friends with her fellow classmates. She constantly asked for extra work or textbooks to take home and study. In addition to her time in class, she also took advantage of the Rosetta Stone software in the Learning Center computer lab. In no time at all, Theresa moved through that program and into higher level study. Recently, Theresa, a teacher in her home country, has now agreed to move from student to tutor. She will begin teaching a class at the Greer Learning Center where she will teach parents and caregivers the importance of being the first educators of their children through conversation and reading to toddlers. 

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