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AprilApril enrolled in GED classes at the Golden Strip Learning Center in June of 2012. She was a very motivated student, and even had a picture of her son on her school binder with the words “why I’m doing this." She first attempted the GED in September 2012 and passed a few of the subjects, but not enough to pass the entire test. After another 9 months of study, she took the GED again in July and passed all subjects; however, she did not have a high enough overall average to pass the test. April began working one-on-one with a tutor for reading and math and took the GED again in September, but still did not have high enough scores for the required average. Even after this third attempt she did not get discouraged but made plans to work even harder and met more frequently with her tutors to focus on math.

On the last testing date of 2013, December 17th, April retook 4 subject areas and finally achieved a high enough score on the math test to gain the necessary average to pass the GED. We could not be more proud of April for her perseverance and determination. She plans to attend cosmetology school and serves as a model example of success through determination for her son, Gabriel.

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SherrySherry worked in manufacturing for 30 years, until the company she worked for shut down. She came to the Greer Learning Center with the goal of obtaining her GED. Initially, she didn’t have much confidence in her ability. Like many, math was her weakest subject and it had been awhile since she attended school, she wasn’t sure she could be successful. However, she was determined. Before long, Sherry had surrounded herself with a supportive group of fellow students and tutors. While they were encouraging her, she was encouraging some of the other younger students as well.

Sherry worked hard, pressing towards her goal and rarely missed a day of class. In time, she got a one-on-one tutor to help her with her math and she began making great strides in her progress. After months of preparation, Sherry went to take her GED. Ever cautious, she didn’t tell anyone she’d signed up to take the test. The learning center staff, her teachers, and classmates were all surprised and elated when she came in and announced that she’d taken and passed the GED on her very first try!

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