Our Board Members

Just like our staff, Greenville Literacy's Board of Directors provides an invaluable service. Their leadership and oversight help to ensure that GLA is both fiscally sound and run with integrity and a strong vision for the future. Thank you to our wonderful Board! 

Denny Major, President

Vincie Albritton, Vice President

Dianna Williams, Secretary

Howie Houston Treasurer

Valerie Booden, Past President

Top row, L to R: Lesley Baker, Steven Christopher, Cindy Davies, Jason Mitchell, Annie Maertens, Harvey Choplin, Valerie Booden. Lower row, L to R: Beth Crews, Dianna Williams, Keishe Nelson, Howie Houston, Windy Dobbins, and Denny Major. 

Not pictured: Vincie Albritton, Pamela Carroll, Debbie Cooper, Erin Halperin, Lesley Kelly, Jenny McGrady, Alex McGrath, Nichole Moore, Debra Rice, David Shellhorse, Ashlee Tolbert