A Brief History

A brief history of Greenville Literacy AssociationIt all started back in 1965 with a grassroots movement to combat illiteracy, a borrowed bookshelf in a local church and a simple but powerful idea: Train volunteers who can read to teach those who cannot.

Today, 50 years later, Greenville Literacy Association (GLA) has vastly outgrown that borrowed bookshelf. In fact, it now ranks as the largest community-based adult literacy organization in the state. And although we at GLA still believe in the foundational importance of reading, our mission has grown decidedly more complex. In response to the demands of today’s high-tech workplace and global culture, GLA now teaches all subjects required for high school equivalency, as well as computer skills and English as a second language.

One thing that has not changed in 50 years is the critical role of community volunteers at GLA. Today, as in 1965, GLA’s work depends on the contributions of hundreds of generous individuals who donate their time and expertise each week to make the gift of education available to all. We are proud and grateful to have so many in the community assist us in our mission. We’ve taken on a very big job, and we can’t do it alone. Won’t you join us?

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